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Frequently asked q's

  • Will you speak at my Really Dope Event? Will you partner with my company to promote this Really Dope Project? Will you consult with my homies to help build a Really Dope Thing?
    Eeeeee! Thank you for asking. It’s an Excited Maybe from me! All speaker, partnership, and consulting requests should go to my agent, Tabia Yapp at BEOTIS. Hit that link and give us as many details as you've got. No need to do anything else! You’ll hear back from our team soon. Please note: I only take on a limited amount of pro-bono speaking requests per quarter — typically only for schools or non-profit organizations — because I got bills to pay, too.
  • Can I interview you for my podcast, or this blog / article I’m writing?
    Eeeeee! Probably! Thank you for asking. All media requests should go to my agent, Tabia Yapp at BEOTIS. Hit that link and give us as many details as you've got. If you’re a journalist out here sweating on a super-tight deadline, I get it — please include URGENT in your message.
  • I have a super specific question about my money life — will you answer it fo’ free?
    Probably not! I’ve given out a lot of free information on my Instagram and YouTube, though.
  • Totally fair, because I understand that you are not a human charity and you owe me nothing! But, can I hire you for a 1:1 session or financial coaching?
    So, I’m not a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Financial Planner (CFP). If you’re looking for professional advice, I recommend seeking out the pros here.
  • Where can I find the templates you mentioned in that Speaker Thing I saw you at?
    Right here, friend!
  • What if I have a question about one of your products, or a thing you made?
    Oooh, a specific question. Holler at, and I'll see if I can help.
  • What's that therapy website you're always yapping about?
    oH MY GOD, yes. Open Path Collective. Therapy is important, it has changed my whole life, and if you're seeking it out, I'm excited for you. (I'm not an affiliate and I get no kickbacks. I just care about my insides and I care about yours, too.)
  • Kay, so… where are you from? Like, where are you from-from?
    Come on, now. (I'm Filipina, if you want to know why I'm brown. Yes, I'm 100% Filipina. Yes, I'm sure.)
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