Technically, I’m a Bernadette.

But unless you’re my mom and you’re mad at me, I go by Berna. Here’s my face!


cool, so..... what's a berna?

Oh, I’m a financial hype woman.

That’s my made-up way of saying that I create videos, articles and other ridiculous Internet Things to teach young people about money.


I’m a financial literacy educator, a video producer, a speaker, and a writer.

I’m a first-generation Filipina-American, a “micro-influencer”, a 3B-3C curl, and a Trojan.


In 2017, I paid off $50,000 in debt, saved enough money to quit my job at Instagram, and booked a one-way ticket to New Zealand with my partner.


I’ve been traveling the world yelling about money ever since.

more of a visual learner?

Check out these videos of me dropping some financial gems.

what does a berna do?

I’m currently based in San Francisco, working hard on a few things: 





A fun, honest financial literacy media

series for young people.

A podcast with one o’ my fave travel bloggers about how to become a digital nomad without losing your mind or selling your soul.

Before I quit life to be a Professional Annoying Millennial, I was the Teen Community Lead at Instagram, the Teen Programs Director for the YMCA of New York City, and a freelance writer and video producer.


My portfolio includes work for @instagram’s 280 million followers, as well as traditional outlets such as Seventeen, Glamour, Shape, The Huffington Post, and Scholastic.

i'm not 100% convinced that you're legit...

May I interest you in this photo of the peak of my life: Madeleine Albright and I sitting casually after I hosted an Instagram Q&A with her for International Womens’ Day wherein I unknowingly tee’d her up to make a penis joke?


Want to book me for a story,

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brand campaign?


I gotchu.

Want to hire me to write, produce videos or dogsit your Weimaraners?

Right here.

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Holler at me.

Want an emotional pick

me up? I legit watch this video every night before bed.