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Technically, I’m a Bernadette.

But unless you’re my mom and you’re mad at me, I go by Berna. Here’s my face!



cool, so..... what's a berna?

Berna Anat is a Financial Hype Woman, which is her made-up way of saying she creates financial education media that lives at @HeyBerna all over the Internet. After slaying her $50,000 debt, she saved up to quit life and has been traveling the world trying to make money fun again ever since.


Facts that make her impostor syndrome twerk: Berna has dropped her money mic at venues such as the Girlboss Rally, Google and The Wing, and her work has been featured on platforms such as Forbes, The New York Times, and Buzzfeed. Berna was recently named one of ABS-CBN's Global Pinoy Idols, awarded to the 10 most influential Filipinx people in the United States. Yes, she's Filipina. Yes, she's sure.

more of a visual learner?

Here’s a compilation of my speaking appearances:

& check out these videos of me dropping some financial gems. ⬇️

what does a financial hype woman do?


I’m currently based in San Francisco, working hard on a few things:




A fun, honest financial literacy media

series for young people.

Before I quit life to be a Professional Annoying Millennial, I was the Teen Community Lead at Instagram, the Teen Programs Director for the YMCA of New York City, and a freelance writer and video producer.


My portfolio includes work for @instagram’s 280 million followers, as well as traditional outlets such as Seventeen, Glamour, Shape, The Huffington Post, and Scholastic.

i'm not 100% convinced that you're legit...

May I interest you in this photo of the peak of my life: Madeleine Albright and I sitting casually after I hosted an Instagram Q&A with her for International Womens’ Day wherein I unknowingly tee’d her up to make a penis joke?

Madeleine Albright Berna.png


Want to book me for a story,

speaking engagement or

brand campaign?


I gotchu.

Want to hire me to write, produce videos or dogsit your Weimaraners?

Right here.

Want to brain-dance over a crazy idea you have?


Holler at me.

Want an emotional pick

me up? I legit watch this video every night before bed.

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