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editorial portfolio 

Before diving into video, I had major Devil Wears Prada editor dreams that never quite left me. Here are all the times nice people let me write words for them.

print editorial

During my time as Assistant Editor and Executive Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief at Seventeen Magazine, I edited the famed Traumarama section -- readers and celebrities’ most embarrassing moments -- and the What You Think reader mail and opinion sections.

As a freelancer, I have reported on and produced print editorial packages on topics such as teen activism, race relations, and soft skills for middle-school students for Seventeen, Glamour and Scholastic’s Choices magazine. 

WEB editorial

I’ve produced written content for a diverse set of digital media platforms -- from major mainstream outlets like, to leading travel blogs like YoungAdventuress, to @instagram, the world’s most followed Instagram account at 280 million followers. 


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