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I could just link you to my YouTube channel, but I wanted to walk you through the highlights of my 10+ year affair with video production. Thorough? Or vain?

Let's dive in anyway.

heyberna budgeting

In 2017, I launched a series of YouTube videos to teach young WOC like me how I budgeted my way out of $12,000 in credit card debt and $38,000 in student loans.

HeyBerna Trailer

How I Budgeted to Debt Freedom

How I Use Credit Card Points to Fly for Free:  

Here are a few of my faves : 





I’ve been working with the Scholastic Corporation since 2015 to produce a video series called “How to Deal,” teaching middle school students soft skills through funny and engaging online content. These videos are sent as part of a Common Core curriculum package which is sent to hundreds of teachers in the US each month.

Check them out here!

How to Deal: How to Be Funny

Project explorer

From 2014 to 2016, I served as writer, producer, shooter, host and editor for Project Explorer, an educational online travel show for elementary and middle school students. With a small, all-women crew, we traveled through India, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, and Australia producing fun, lighthearted videos to support teachers across the globe.


Learning Bahasa Melayu, the native language of Malaysia


Landmarks of Mumbai

Writer, Shooter and Editor:

Dhobi Ghat,

the World’s Largest Laundromat 


These throwback projects make me cringe a little (a lot),

but I’m proud of having been in the video and vlog production game for a long time.


Please view the following at your own risk

(of hilariously terrible webcam footage and second-hand cringe).


In 2009, I joined ProudGirls, a girls’ empowerment brand out of New Jersey, as their video producer and brand ambassador.


Some things I did during my ProudGirls time:

How to Deal: How to Be Funny


In 2007, I was selected to be amongst Seventeen Magazine’s first class of Freshman 15: Fifteen young women across the US picked to share their college experiences online.

After a year of vlogging on MySpace with an actual handheld video camera, Seventeen chose me to document the end of my Freshman 15 experience through a 3-day road trip with a full camera crew, sponsored by Verizon Wireless. (I guess this was technically my first-ever sponsored influencer trip!)

Check out these highlights : 

I know what you're thinking...


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